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Questions & Answers 

Do my photos have to be posted to social media or the group page on Facebook?

The answer is always, "no". I would never post anything online or on social media without your consent or okay. Although we would absolutely LOVE to feature photos from your session, we do not do so unless you are 100% positive. I totally respect privacy.

Is the photoshoot private? Is there anyone else in the room?

When doing a basic boudoir photoshoot, I am the only person in the room (Kristen, Owner). If you decide to schedule a video shoot with me, I do require an assistant to help me out. Especially with Couples Videography. My studio is divided in half with a large curtain for privacy. We may have other clients coming in an out of the studio for hair and makeup. But everything is 100% private. 

If I can't make it to my shoot, can I reschedule?

I require a minimum of 1 week for reschedules. Anything after that you forfeit your retainer and will be asked to put down a new one to reschedule. A reschedule also has to be within 2weeks of your original shoot date. Rescheduling twice also forfeits your retainer and a refusal to book a session in the future. You will be asked during booking if you agree with the cancelation policies. 

Do you  offer hair & makeup?

Absolutely! If hair and makeup is not included in a package you are wanting or you are wanting to add it to a mini session or special. You can add the services on for $120. Includes full face with lashes. Just makeup $90 Please bring foundation.

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